Easy Mindfulness Exercises For You To Do

Mindfulness Based Art Therapy
Mindfulness Based Art Therapy
Benefits Of Mindfulness
Benefits Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a self-explanatory term. It indicates a person’s ability to be aware of what he/she is doing. This might sound trivial; however, humans tend to veer from the matter at their hands. Even if your body is engaged in some activities, your mind can be somewhere else. It can result in obsessive thoughts about something that happened or about the future. It can make you anxious and you will lose concentration and attention that is needed for doing the task at your hand. This is a common problem that people usually encounter.

However, now you can bring back your concentration and mind from obsessive thoughts with the help of some simple mindfulness techniques. These techniques can be beneficial for you to refresh your mind and replenish energy. Some of the important benefits of mindfulness include reducing stress, enhancing performance, gaining insight and awareness, and increasing attention, etc. There are a lot of simple mindfulness techniques you can perform. Some of them are mentioned below:

Yawn And Stretch For Almost 10 Seconds Every Hour

This is one of the simplest mindfulness techniques you can perform. Do a fake yawn and it might trigger real ones. Exhale by saying a loud “ahh”. You will realize how that yawn interrupted your thoughts. Then stretch very slowly for 10 seconds. This will help you to be aware of the present situation you are in. You can get back to what you were doing after performing this. It will give you a fresh start.

Mindfully Eat A Piece Of Chocolate

Take a piece of chocolate or a raisin and eat it mindfully. You have to sense and savor it when you do so. Use your senses for seeing it, touching it, smelling it, and sensing it. Smile between your bites and savor how the raisin or piece of chocolate feels in your mouth.

Breathe Mindfully For A Minute

Just focus on your breath and observe how the air is going in and out of your nostrils or how your chest rises or falls when you breathe. When your mind wanders, focusing on your breath can be useful for you to bring the attention back. You can perform it for more than one minute too. It will help you to be ‘in’ the moment.

Practicing mindfulness techniques can help you improve your focus and attention when your mind is filled with obsessive thoughts. The tips mentioned above will enable you to bring back your wandering mind and concentrate on the task at hand.