Use Mindfulness For Anger Management

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Mindfulness Techniques
Mindfulness For Anger
Mindfulness For Anger

Anger is a natural emotion formed in people in certain circumstances. However, some people suffer from a condition called anger management disorder. One of the main reasons for anger management issues is the lack of mindfulness. If a person is having proper control over their mind and body, they will be able to control their emotions including anger. The studies have divided the procedure of anger management into four different stages. The following are the stages of anger management and the role of mindfulness in each of them.


The first stage of anger management is the recognition of the circumstances that can trigger the same. Mindfulness plays a major role in this stage. It is because a person can recognize the changes in their surroundings only if he or she is physically and mentally present. In certain cases, mindfulness may also help in recognizing the reason for the rapid change in the emotions of people and solve them permanently.


Anger is a natural reaction formed in certain situations. However, some people will be having good control over this emotion while other people don’t. The second stage of anger management is the acceptance of this condition. When a person accepts that he/she has an anger management issue, controlling the same will be very easy. If a person is practicing mindfulness, they will understand their emotions and feelings much better and will be able to accept their drawbacks in a positive sense.


In this phase, people are supposed to investigate and analyze different thoughts and emotions passing through their minds when they feel angry. It also includes a thorough examination of changes caused in their body. This is to understand whether the anger management issue is formed due to mental or physical problems. For analyzing the changes caused during this condition, people need to have good control over their minds.


The final stage of anger management is the treatment of the condition. From the above three stages, you will have a better understanding of your condition and will be able to solve it effectively. However, if you find that it is caused as a symptom of any other disorder like hypertension, you will have to consult a doctor and should take proper medication to manage your anger.

The above mentioned are the four stages of anger management. The studies have also proved that if a person is practicing mindfulness, they can solve this issue effectively without the help of professionals.